Enjoy your meal while taking in the scenic view! Nestled deep in the Walpack Valley, the Inn is surrounded by 70,000 acres of natural, untouched beauty. Deer and other wildlife are frequent visitors and often stop by for a meal of their own.  The Walpack Inn has become a popular destination for adventure-seekers of all ages.

Famous Brown Bread

Our homemade Brown Bread is baked on premises and is the first smell you’ll notice when you walk through our doors!  Served with a tub of butter, this bread has been a staple of the Walpack experience for decades.  Large and small loaves as well as Walpack Inn Bread Mix can be purchased at our host desk when available.


Our handcrafted cocktails are made with premium liquors, fresh fruit juices and ingredients.  Some of our favorites include: the Cosmopolitan, Chocolate Martini, Pomegranate Martini, Old Fashioned, Espresso Martini, and Mojito.  Grab a seat by our fire and enjoy the rustic atmosphere of our barroom.


The Walpack Inn fireplace is a favorite place to get cozy during the colder months of the year.  Located in our rustic bar room, the inviting warmth brings instant comfort to those hoping to escape the winter chill.  It is the perfect spot to sit and enjoy a cocktail, but once our guests get in front of the flames, many choose to stay for their entire meal!


We offer a farm-fresh selection of seasonal, and when possible, local produce.  Cut and prepared daily, our delicious salad ingredients also come with a choice of five unique homemade dressings.  The Walpack Inn Salad Bar is included with any of our dinner entrees.


Enjoy a fine selection of steak entrees with the perfect balance of flavor and tenderness.  Some of our favorites include: Teriyaki and Piedmontese Rib Eyes, Grass Fed Strip Steak with a peppered bacon and Stilton topping, and Prime Rib.  


You’ll be surprised that steaks aren’t our only specialty.  We carefully source our seafood, ensuring maximum freshness and seasonality.  Some of our favorites include: Broiled Sea Scallops, Grilled Salmon, Blackened Swordfish, Lobster Tails, and Stuffed Shrimp, in addition to a variety of weekly specials.  Don’t forget to try our fresh assortment of oysters; they are the best around!


Enjoy our homemade fruit pies, a Walpack favorite for many decades.  Some of our favorite pies include: strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, peach, raspberry cheesecake, blackberry cheesecake, apple crumb, and pumpkin.  Ask your server to save you a slice!